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Stained Glass Pendant with Chameleon Pen

By Cathy Andronicou
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We challenged the team to work on anything other than a card and they have not disappointed us with the designs they have created.  Monica has crafted this beautiful pendant necklace that would be a great gift.

Glass pendant designed with Chameleon Pens

By Monica Maldarella (Mybonnetbee)

Monica said for her inspiration "It’s been a while since I have worked with glass, and Chameleon Pens just gave me the right occasion to go back to one of my passions." We are glad she did!

Materials Used: Chameleon Pens: Acqua Marine (BG4), Blue Violet (BV4), Warm Sunset (YO3), Seville Orange (OR4), Bark (BR5); Stamps: Butterflies, Oriental (Kaisercraft); Ink pad: StazOn Jet Black; two microscope glass slides; white vellum paper; copper foil tape; wire; solder, soldering flux and iron (optional); fine scourer; blue ribbon.


  • Use some alcohol to clean the microscope slides. Stamp a couple of butterflies onto one of them using the StazOn black; then mask the butterflies with paper and stamp the oriental background with the same ink pad.

Glass pendant

  • Color the bigger butterfly on the reverse side with Aqua Marine infusing the brush nib for 4-5 seconds. Blend with Blue Violet infusing the bullet nib for 2-3 seconds. Color the wing spots with the Warm Sunset pen.

Glass pendant with butterflies

  • Color the body of the butterfly using the Bark pen and then, using the Warm Sunset pen, color the smaller butterfly infusing the bullet nib for 3-4 seconds. Blend the Orange infusing the bullet nib for 2-3 seconds.

Glass pendant

  • Place the result against the light to check if every part of the stamped image has been colored correctly.

Glass pendant

  • Cut a piece of white vellum paper with the same size of the glass slide. Then, color it with the Blue Violet pen infusing the brush nib for about 20 seconds. Let it dry.

Glass pendant

  • Compose the pendant making a “sandwich” with the vellum between the slides. Remember to keep the stamped face protected by placing it on the inside of the pendant. Cover the pendant edge with the copper foil tape. Then, bend a piece of wire as a ring.

Glass pendant

  • Using soldering flux and iron, cover the copper foil with the solder, including the wire ring. In alternative, you can use a strong glue and attach the wire ring on the back side of the pendant.

Glass pendant

  • Polish the soldered edge using a fine scourer. Clean the glass with alcohol. Add a blue ribbon and wear your new pendant!

Glass pendant being worn around a woman's neck

Such a beautiful piece, this technique would also work using flower stamps and Mandalas.

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