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Techniques & Tips for Using Chameleon Art Products

By Chameleon Art Products
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Throughout this blog, we'll be sharing top tips and techniques on how to use Chameleon art supplies from the very talented artist - Ana Filipa Viegas. Plus, we're also showcasing several of her amazing pieces of artwork.

About - Ana Filipa Viegas

Portrait of artist Ana Filipa Viegas

Ana has always loved art! Lately, she has been developing her personal style, exploring her own ideas, and getting inspiration from her own world. Ana's dream goal would be to be an artist that is able to transform her ideas into all kinds of art including drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, video and inspiring people by doing it.


How to Create Color Gradients

Do you know how to create color gradients with Chameleon Pens and Chameleon Color Tops? Sounds fun right?! In the video below Ana will be sharing 4 of her favorite techniques to create amazing color gradient effects with her Chameleon products.

Ana Filipa Viegas Color Gradings

Video by Ana Filipa Viegas

Chameleon Art Products Used:

- Chameleon Pen Aqua Marine BG4
- Chameleon Color Top Fuchsia PK5
- Chameleon Color Top Tangerine OR3

More Details For Each Technique: 

Technique 1: The Mixing Chamber (or the "blender" as Ana calls it) was infused with the nib of the Chameleon Pen for a few seconds to create a color gradation effect when you draw with the pen. This technique will also allow you to create shadows, highlights, shading and depth with just 1 marker!

How to use Chameleon Pens

Technique 2: Using the same Chameleon Pen and Fuchsia PK5 Chameleon Color Top Ana was able to produce an amazing color-to-color gradation. To do this Ana placed the Color Top on top of the pen (just as the name says) for a few seconds. 

How to use Chameleon Color Tops

Technique 3: Showing how you can create even more colors for a more complex and colorful color gradation. To achieve this Ana infused the Chameleon Pen with not 1 but 2 Chameleon Color Tops!
Simply, the
Fuchsia PK5 Color Top was placed on top of the marker pen for a few seconds to infuse the nibs together (same as technique 2), then this action was repeated with the Tangerine OR3 Color Top.

Technique 4:  A mix of all the techniques. First, the Tangerine OR3 Color Top was infused with the Chameleon Pen for a few seconds, then straight afterward the same pen was infused with the Mixing Chamber ("blender") for a few seconds. 

For more information on how to use Chameleon Pens and Chameleon Color Tops click here

Ana's Artwork Created with Chameleon Art Products

Joker drawing created with Chameleon Art Products

Artwork by Ana Filipa Viegas

This was a fun Joker drawing Ana created back in 2019.

Chameleon Art Products Used:

- Chameleon 52 Pen Super Set (after 2 years, she is still using the same set)
- Chameleons Pencil Set 25 Pencils
- Chameleon Bundle - all 50 Color Tops

Ana's Top Tips:

All Chameleon Pens are double-ended with both a Super Soft Japanese Brush Nib and a Japanese Bullet Nib. Use the Brush Nib to get a better blending result and to more easily cover more area. The Bullet Nib can be great for adding detail to your artwork. 

Also, try out the pen and colored pencil combination. If you're someone who loves details, it can help you create a more precise and detailed drawing.

Marker drawing artwork portrait Chameleon Color & Blending SystemArtwork by Ana Filipa Viegas

Chameleon Art Products Used:

- Created with just The Chameleon Color & Blending System #7 (which contains 6 Chameleon Pens, 5 Chameleon Color Tops, 1 Chameleon Mixing Chamber, and 6 Chameleon Japanese Brush Nibs)

As seen in the video above, there are many different possibilities to create amazing effects with just 1 pen. So for this piece of artwork, Ana was able to use the blending technique we talked about above to create all the different shades and hues. If you want to find out more details about how this portrait was created and to watch Ana in action drawing her masterpiece, click here.

Ana has kindly shared with us this portrait line art for you to print out and color in. 

Line Art Ana Filipa Viegas

Download Ana's Line Art here


Portrait artwork created with Chameleon Art Products

Artwork by Ana Filipa Viegas

"The idea for this portrait above came from the combination of various personal inspirations and aesthetics based on topics related to surrealism and nonsense reality."

Chameleon Art Products Used:

- Chameleon 52 Pen Super Set
- Chameleon Pencil Set 25 Pencils
- Chameleon 5 Color Tops Warm Tones Set

- Hair and glove: Cool Gray CG8, Cool Gray 9 CG9, Warm Gray 3 WG3, Warm Gray 7 WG7 and Deep Black BK4.

- Skin: Sand NU0, Bisque NU1, Light Peach NU2 and Fawn NU3. Plus, a bit of Dusty Rose PK2 and the brown shades for the darker areas.

- Shirt: Deep Violet VO4, Purple Grape PR4 as base colors and then added Lavender BV2 and Mauve VO2.

- Background: Created with a color grading effect using the Chameleon Pen Vermilion RD3 with the Chameleon Color Top Burgundy RD5.

All this while also using the colored pencils on top of the marker layer.

If you love Ana's design and would like to color in the line art - download it below. 

Portrait line art Ana Filipa Viegas

Download Ana's Line Art here


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