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    The best collection of fashion templates that the internet has to offer

    Because the croquis comes pre-drawn, it’s much easier and faster to get started with sketching your own designs. That’s why many designers, from aspiring to veterans, are choosing to use these pre-drawn models over drawing their own. Here are seven of our favorite fashion templates available on the internet.


    • Free
    • Male, female and children templates
    • Clothes and footwear templates
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    Founded in 2008, Fashionary designs and produces an array of products for designers, stylists and other fashionistas. They also produce a huge range of
    free fashion templates, from human figures to footwear and flat templates.

    This versatility is great because not all designers will be creating just womenswear, menswear or even just clothes. Perhaps you want to design shoes. Well, Fashionary offers a range of fashion templates just for that.


    Pret a Template

    • Free
    • Available on the App store
    • Available for A4, A5 or A7
    • Male, female, children, babies, cat and dog templates with darts positioning
    • Different body shapes and stances

    Screenshot 2018-07-27 at 09.38.57

    Pret a Template offers a diverse range of croquis, from human figures of all ages to even animals. Templates are presented in a three-way view (front, side and back) so you can design from all angles. Darts positioning gives users guidance so they can create designs that are symmetrical and realistic-looking, no matter how the figures are posed.

    Best of all, Pret a Template is available to download as an app so you can design while on the go. But it’s not just that. The app also comes with some unique features such as:

    • Pret a video - create videos of your sketch to share on social media which is an amazing way to engage with your audience.
    • Pret a Template and iMessage collaboration so you can co-create with your contacts. It’s a great way for fashion professionals, teachers and students to band together to create group ideas.
    • Photo a la template - being able to import photos so you can sketch on them. This is ideal for getting inspiration while out and about.


    I Draw Fashion

    • Free or premium templates (paid for)
    • Female figures in different shapes and poses
    • With or without faces and hair

    Screenshot 2018-07-27 at 09.40.00

    I Draw Fashion provides a flexible range of free and paid-for female croquis. Standing in a variety of poses, with different physiques, with or without faces and even pregnant figures, the free options are extremely versatile. The premium options start from $2.99 and you can choose from an even wider range - female, male, children, plus size and flat templates.

    Although the paid-for options offer more variety, the free templates are still excellent ready-to-go choices. Plus, there’s the choice of whether you want your models to come complete with different hairstyles and facial features or not.



    • Free (but you need to register for an account)
    • More than 100 free templates in vector and bitmap formats
    • Male, female, children and flat templates
    • Different body shapes and poses
    • With faces and hairstyles

    Screenshot 2018-07-27 at 09.41.04

    DesignersNexus offers more than 100 free fashion templates so there’s bound to be one croquis that catches your eye. In a variety of ages and body shapes, some of the models come with darts positioning to help you accurately place your designs - no matter what pose they’re standing in.

    Unlike the other fashion template websites, the prints are watermarked unless you sign up for an account. However, signing up is pretty fast, easy and luckily, free! And when you’ve done that, you can get your hands on the huge range of templates.



    • Free
    • 64 options
    • Male, female and children templates with darts positioning
    • Variety of poses

    Screenshot 2018-07-27 at 09.42.05

    Douban offers 64 free fashion templates, ready for you to use. The models come with darts positioning to make it easier for you to place your designs onto their bodies. They also come standing in a range of different poses so your designs need never look repetitive. Plus, you can pick a creative pose to best accentuate your design.


    Gigi Morris’ Fashion Figure Templates for Fashion Portfolio

    • Free
    • Pdf book of different templates for different designs
    • A range of fashion ranges and moods (e.g. sporty, casual, formal, sexy)
    • Male and female templates
    • Range of hairstyles
    • Guidance on how to dress the figures - excellent for beginners

    Screenshot 2018-07-27 at 09.44.24

    Gigi Morris’ Fashion Figure Templates for Fashion Portfolio is a pdf guide to creating designs. Featuring a variety of templates for different fashion ranges, such as sporty and formal, it means you can sketch your designs on a pose that suits the clothes. For example, you can draw activewear on a model who looks like she’s jogging.

    The guide contains a page of different hairstyles so you can add one to your models to complement your design. There’s also a section on the variety of ways to dress up the figure and tips throughout the guide to help you if you’re a beginner in fashion designing.


    University of Fashion

    • Free (but need to register for an account)
    • Male, female, teen and children templates
    • Different body shapes

    Screenshot 2018-07-27 at 09.45.15

    University of Fashion offers 10 free fashion templates which you can download once you’ve signed up as a free or paid subscriber. Although there aren’t as many templates provided as the other websites, UoF offers more than just adult and children figures. There’s even “tweens”, toddlers and infant croquis if you ever want to design children’s clothes.

    The designers come with darts positioning and lines to help you design clothes that accurately hug the body.


    Team your templates and skill with the right art tools

    You might have a stunning model and an exquisite skill set, but if you don’t use the right art tools, your work will struggle to reach its full potential. The best art tools are the ones that produce vivid colors, precision and are easy to blend so you can create fashion designs that wow and sparkle in all the right ways.

    For instance, alcohol markers can produce sharp, beautiful blended designs that dazzle and inspire your audience. In particular, Chameleon Pens can do all of this and more due to their innovative Mixing Chamber. Read more about how Chameleon Pens can help fashion designers maximize their creative potential here.


    Find out more on how to color like no other with Chameleon

    Chameleon Pens are unique tools that bring unique results. There’s an art to it but don’t worry - it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Download our free guide to developing your penmanship and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

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