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The quickest architectural rendering techniques

By Chameleon Art Products
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Some traditional architectural rendering techniques can't quite capture the color finish you'd like. They also leave your truly unique concept looking a little too familiar for your liking. You may have considered going entirely digital but this takes you longer and creates a disconnect between idea and image. We heard you and put together this quick post to show you how you can get rendering of a higher quality, in shorter time, with fewer tools.

Before you get to the fun model-making stage (the phase where your vision truly starts coming to life), why don't you try and make the process of concept rendering easier? At the moment, you have three options and a respective issue which can be improved with each:

  1. Watercolor paints or pencils - too familiar looking.
  2. Computer software - too slow and difficult to get right, diverts brainpower to controlling the software rather than getting your vision down on paper.
  3. Art markers and pens - best of the three but expensive to get the color range you require.


These tried and tested methods leave you thinking, "There's got to be another way?"


easier way to do architectural rendering


"And there is, Kevin!"

Chameleon have developed a unique product which can help architects like yourself improve their rendering and concept techniques, finish them quicker and get a more impressive and unique result.

Thanks to their unique and patented design, Chameleon Pens allow you to dilute your pen's ink so you can create multiple color tones. With just 50 marker pens, you can achieve any shade or gradient you like.

50 different Chameleon Pen tones

Each color in that swatch is available in its own double-ended pen, which also includes a built-in Mixing Chamber. Simply placing the coloring nib into the Mixing Chamber for a particular number of seconds will give a different level of saturation. One second will give a slightly lightened tone and 30 seconds will produce a near translucent degree.

Shading in action using a Chameleon Pen

These alcohol-based inks are safe to use in layers (if you want to add overlays) and to blend with each other too. This means that if you're comfortable with mixing colors to create the level of detail you're looking for, you don't need to even invest in the full range of pens. For example, a primary tones pack might be all you need.

Chameleon Color Tops primary tones set

How they work & how they help architects like you

The ink starts out as one of the prescribed colors shown above. By inserting the Bullet or Brush Nib into the Mixing Chamber, you can create a different variation of that color. There are several advantages to using Chameleon Pens and their built-in Mixing Chamber, including:

  • Helping to create realistic shadows and highlights more quickly.
  • Helping to create different textures.
  • Helping to soften the aesthetic of your sketch.
  • Creating multiple color formation for presentation purposes.
  • Being easier to use and control than other methods.
  • Improving the overall appearance of your renderings with less effort.
  • Being competitively priced for the high quality they offer.


Architectural landscape gardener coloring concept sketch

As you can see a little in the image above (a screen-grab from the video just below), the finished results are impressive. With a little practice, you can create a full architect's sketch or impression with only a tiny number of Chameleon Pens.

With Chameleon Pens, you can have improved architectural concepts, every day. See more about how the pen works here or watch the video below by Cynthia Silveri. She's been a landscape architect for over 30 years and has also illustrated three adult coloring books. Check out Cynthia's Instagram for more examples of her work here




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Doing more than just concepts...

We've put together a collection of all the ways you can use Chameleon Pens alongside your existing tools and techniques to make sure you produce color like no other. This guide will show you how to make the most of your vision and put our one-of-a-kind technology to best use.

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