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The ultimate guide to Christmas ornament crafts for adults

By Chameleon Art Products
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While it’s great fun to create some memorable ornaments with the kids during Christmas, it’s also a chance for adults to create some unique ornaments of their own. Rather than buying every ornament possible online which can be found in pretty much any home, go ahead and craft something truly different and imaginative to make it a Christmas to remember. Here’s our ultimate guide to Christmas ornament crafts for adults.

The ultimate guide

DIY Christmas sweater tree

Do something different this year with your handmade Christmas trees. Using cones and a Christmas-style printed ribbon, wrap the ribbon around the cone to create some cozy decorations that look like unique Christmas trees. Add in a cardboard star at the top and you have sweater-style trees that can work anywhere that needs a boost of festivity.

Rustic wood candle holders

Using heavier-barked wood like walnut, you can ditch those same old candle holders and choose a more rustic option this Christmas instead. It achieves a more dramatic effect which gives great definition. These DIY rustic candle holders will add subtle beauty to your home during this festive season.

Tip: Group them with greenery and berries for the perfect Christmas decor.

Jingle bell pine cones

There’s nothing better than a white Christmas. This year, create some jingle bell pine cones that are both natural-looking and woodsy to make your home feel cozier during the Christmas period.

Using pine cones, white paint, jingle bells and twine, you can create some beautiful looking additions to your tree. If you want to add some sparkle, throw some glitter on them. They’d be cute embellishments for the home as well, so go ahead and nestle them in some garland or even add it to a bottle of wine for that homespun feel.

Twinkle light canvas

The best part about this ornament is that it’s entirely customizable so you can use it to feature any message or design you want. By using canvas, white paint, vinyl transfer tape and fairy lights, you can fill up the spare space on your mantelpieces to help you feel much cozier when the lights are dim.

Cinnamon and rosemary Christmas trees

Cinnamon and rosemary are two super common smells in many households come Christmas time. Why not freshen up the scent in your home with these smells while making them unique decorations at the same time? Just bend wrapped wire in half to form a loop, gently push each end into the hollow part of the cinnamon stick and use hot glue to attach cut spring of fresh rosemary for branches.

Melted peppermint candy

If you’re looking to satisfy that sweet tooth, create scented decorations and satisfy your guests at the same time, then look no further than melted peppermint candy.

Make sure you use Christmas related cookie cutters so that you can put in peppermint sweets and melt them into the shape of the cookie cutter. Then either eat them yourself, hang them around your home or give them to guests with the minty aroma deceiving them into thinking they’ve entered candy land.

Chalk pen galvanized buckets

Once you have the materials for this ornament, it’ll take you less than 10 minutes to see a wonderful finished product. Pick out different-sized buckets, white chalk a vase for each bucket, ribbons, greenery and some fairy lights. All you need to do is place the greenery inside of each vase in each bucket, add in the fairy lights and wrap the ribbon around and you’re done!

Then just write a festive message or letter on each one and if you throw in some pinecones as well, then these charming decorations make for some magical effects.

Cards...with a twist

Ever thought about taking your cards up a level? Then add some creative ornaments on them as Leah Cornelius did by using Chameleon Pens. Or, just use them as ornaments without the card.

Card ornament

Image by: Leah Cornelius

What you need:

  • Chameleon 22 Pen Deluxe Set.
  • Tree stamp and die set.
  • Patterned paper pad.
  • Circle dye.
  • Acetate.
  • Twine.
  • Black ink.

Leah started by die cutting trees, hearts and a scalloped circle. Do the same and then cut a card base out of a piece of patterned paper and have a piece of clear acetate which you can then set aside.

die cut trees

Next, begin coloring the die cut trees using Olive Green (OL3) and the Brush Nib which needs to be infused for around 12 seconds. Start from the middle of the tree and color your way towards the top. Switch to the Aqua Marine (BG4) color and use the Brush Nib - again, infusing for around 12 seconds. Start from the middle and color the other half of the tree.

Then, color the other trees in the same way. Color the die cut hearts by using the Crimson Red (RD4) pen and the Brush Nib after you’ve infused it for five seconds.

christmas trees

You then need to punch a hole in the die cut circle and thread some twine through so that it can be hung proudly as an ornament. If you just want to use it as an ornament, then there’s nothing more you need to do. If you want to add the ornament on a card, then die cut a circle out of the clear acetate and put some removable adhesive on the acetate.

Stick it to the card base and you’re all done. You have a beautiful, eye-catching ornament on a card which isn’t something you see every day.

christmas ornament card

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Check out some more Christmas ornament crafts for adults

Christmas is the perfect season to begin crafting and creating some unique ornaments that demand attention. To help, we’ve created a Christmas Creativity pack which features many more ideas you can use - as we couldn’t possibly fit them all here.

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