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Unique handmade Christmas cards that'll hit it out of the park and how to make them

By Chameleon Art Products
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One way of showing what your closest family and friends mean to you is by giving them Christmas cards. Heading to the store and buying a batch of the same generic design and messaging has become the tradition now, but making handmade Christmas cards where each design is different and the messaging is unique to the recipient is a lot more memorable. Here’s how you can make handmade Christmas cards that’ll hit it out of the park.


Before moving up to the different difficulty levels, check out the video above for an easy-to-follow tutorial on how you can easily make your own unique handmade Christmas cards using Chameleon Pens.

Unique Christmas cards

Shaker cards

Check out the amazing snowman shaker card Tanya Batrak created using the Chameleon 22 Pen Deluxe Set. To give it that extra Christmas-y feeling, Tanya used shiny sequins that shake with the card.

shaker card

shaker card

This helps to add a touch of whimsy to the design and will encourage the recipient to not only shake the card but also hold onto it for a while longer - just because the design is so unique.

shaker card

Image Credit: Tanya Batrak

For a step-by-step guide on how Tanya managed to create the snowman shaker card, including the colors she used and how to apply the stamps, head over to the easy to follow guide.

Embossing powder

If you’re after sleek simplicity yet still want to add something you don’t see on ordinary Christmas cards, then take a leaf out of Sandra Kustic Uzur’s book. While it might look like a simple Christmas card, Sandra has actually used embossing powder to give the snowflakes some added depth which boosts realism. This worked perfectly with the Chameleon Pens and Chameleon Pencils to help with her beautiful blending work.

chameleon pens drawing

chameleon pens drawing embossing powder

By adding the subtle texture to the card, you won’t want to put it down and Sandra’s use of Winks of Stella and sequins help to add more gloss and sparkle.

embossed card

Image Credit: Sandra Kustic Uzur

To create your own embossed card like Sandra, then check out the simple step-by-step guide.

Layered Christmas cards

We see flat, two-dimensional cards all too often and they’re easily forgotten about. Not only has Ilina Crouse used a cut-out image to add some layering to her Christmas card, but she also stepped outside of the norm and ditched the traditional Christmas colors entirely. Ilina used Chameleon Pens, Color Tops and Chameleon Pencils to make the fox image look super realistic with her seamless blending.

layered card

layered card

Using a foam adhesive, Ilina cut out the image and stuck it on top to give off a unique three-dimensional look.

layered Christmas card

Image Credit: Ilina Crouse

To see how Ilina achieved the brilliant layering finish and for a guide to create your own, click here. Or if you’re after a more traditional layered card, here’s Olesya Andreyeva’s take.


You read that right, artist Annette Allen combined two iconic Christmas items by adding a snowglobe on to her Christmas card. After using Chameleon Pens to color in the stamp image, Annette placed the image on top of the large snowflake in the background to achieve the layering effect.



The real selling point is the snowglobe. Annette carefully placed a lump of loose paper snowflakes on top of the image before sticking on the clear snowglobe to the card with the image being in the center.  It’s something truly different and you’ll just want to shake the card to get the snow to fall around the cute sheep.

snow globe card

Image Credit: Annette Allen

To get started on your own version of this truly unique Christmas card/snowglobe combination, check out the easy to follow guide.

Foamiran flowers

For a truly festive and unique homemade Christmas card, it’s hard to ignore Olesya Andreyeva’s effort. It’s hard to believe it’s the first time she used foamiran as the wreath finish coming off the card looks magnificent. Using Chameleon 52 Pen Super Set, foamiran, artificial stamens and more, Olesya’s flowers not only looks real but the three-dimensional effect also takes Christmas cards to a whole new level.

foamiron flower

foamiron flower

foamiron card

foamiron flowers

Image Credit: Olesya Andreyeva

While this design might take some time, it’s clear to see that the results are totally worth it. To follow along with Olesya’s design at your own pace, check out the guide here.

Other unique cards

The best thing about homemade Christmas cards is that you don’t have any limits. From different colors to witty messages and pop-up elements, all of your homemade Christmas cards will be remembered a lot longer than generic options.

See more unique handmade Christmas cards you can make yourself…

To give that added touch of thoughtfulness this year and to let your creative juices flow, go ahead and make your own handmade Christmas cards instead. To inspire you, we’ve created a Christmas Creativity pack which features many more ideas you can use and how you can make them.

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