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What are Chameleon Color Tops & How to Create Stunning One Pen Blends?

By Chameleon Art Products
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It’s time for you to discover the Chameleon effect!

Known worldwide for making color blends and gradations fun, quick, and easy, the Chameleon system features multi-award-winning Chameleon markers, the viral sensation that is the Chameleon Color Tops, as well as other amazing coloring supplies.

Keep reading to find out how you can transform your artwork with Chameleon Pens & Color Tops, learn awesome coloring techniques, AND grab yourself some free coloring pages.


1. What are Chameleon Color Tops?
2. How to use Chameleon Color Tops
3. Refilling & Replacing Chameleon Color Top Nibs
4. How to Store Chameleon Color Tops
5. Coloring Techniques
6. Creating Art with Chameleon Markers & Color Tops
7. Free Downloadable Coloring Pages


What are Chameleon Color Tops?

Is it a t-shirt? Nope. Is it a pen? Afraid not. It’s an amazing art tool designed to be used with your Chameleon markers to create one pen color blends.

Known worldwide for creating stunning one pen color gradations, the Chameleon Pen will revolutionize the way you color. And with the addition of Chameleon Color Tops, you can quickly and seamlessly blend light to dark, dark to light, similar colors, as well as opposite colors. This means the complete system of 50 Chameleon markers & 50 Chameleon Color Tops gives you 1,000’s of color blending options!

Shop NowIf you haven’t seen these innovative alcohol marker pens in action before, take a read of our Introduction to Chameleon Pens blog here. It covers everything from how the pens work to creating color gradations, how to refill your pens, and what papers and surfaces to use.


Breakdown of Chameleon Color Tops

Chameleon Color Tops

How to use Chameleon Color Tops

Using the Chameleon system is super easy to do!

Here’s how to create color blends with Chameleon Pens & Color Tops.

How to use Chameleon Color Tops

1. Hold the pen upright in a vertical position and gently place the Chameleon Color Top on top of your pen so the two nibs are touching.

2. Infuse - the longer you infuse the nibs for, the longer your color gradation will be. Tip: You can infuse your marker anywhere from 1 to 35 seconds. Download the fuse chart here to practice. 

3. Remove the Chameleon Color Top from the pen.

4. Color in a side-to-side motion, slightly overlapping the previous line.

Refilling & Replacing Chameleon Color Top Nibs

Did you know that these amazing blending tools are designed to last?! Not only is the ink refillable, but the nibs are also replaceable.

To see how easy it is, watch our refilling and replacing nibs videos below.


Note: The videos above demonstrate how to replace the Mixing Chamber Nib and ink in a Chameleon Pen. The process is exactly the same for your Chameleon Color Tops, however, instead of using our Colorless Blender ink, you would use the required colored alcohol ink.

View all our Alcohol Craft Ink Refills here.

How to Store Chameleon Color Tops

Like with Chameleon Pens, when storing your Chameleon Color Tops make sure that the caps are firmly closed and are placed away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Coloring Techniques

1. Creating Color Blends


Creating Color Blends with Dino Tomic

Video by Dino Tomic

How to Create Seamless Color Blends with Sarah Style Designs

Dos and Dont to Create Seamless Gradations

Video by Sarah Style Designs 

2. Stacking Chameleon Color Tops

Did you know you can create multi-colored one pen blends with your Chameleon products? Thanks to color stacking you can infuse your Chameleon Pen with 2, 3, or even 4 different Chameleon Color Tops before coloring.

How Many Colors can you Blend with Chameleon Color Tops?


Rainbow Chameleon Color Blending by Kate Mur

Drawing Rainbow Chameleon Animal Kate Mur

Video by Kate Mur

3. Colorless Blender

Did you know you can use Chameleon Color Tops with Chameleon Colorless Blender Pens to create gradations from dark to light?

Coloring Manga by Alisa Caves

Alisa Caves P3 IGS

Video by Alisa Caves

Neptune Illustration by Jonathan Knight

Jonathan Knight P3 IG

Video by Jonathan Knight

Creating Art with Chameleon Markers & Color Tops

Now that you know multiple ways you can create cool color blends with your Chameleon markers and Color Tops, let’s put them into practice.

1. Calligraphy

You Can’t Buy Happiness by Lou Collins


Video by Lou Collins 

Rainbow Lettering by Sarah Style Designs


Video by Sarah Style Design

Blending Magic by Inviting writing


Video by Inviting Writing

2. Illustration 

Abyssal Dwellers by Candela


Video by Candela 

Butterfly by Kate Mur  

Video by Kate Mur

3. Portraits 

Warrior by Dani Powers

Video by Dani Powers

Abstract Portrait by Ana Filipa Viegas

 Video by Ana Filipa Viegas

How to Color Manga Character by Josilix

Video by Josilix 

For more project inspiration, take a look at our Introduction to Chameleon Pens blog here.
We cover everything ranging from creating gradations and textures to working on different surfaces such as paper, wood, mirrors, fabric, and more!

Free Downloadable Coloring Pages

What will you create with your Chameleon Pens? Download some of our free coloring pages to kick-start your creative adventure.

Chameleon Downloadable Coloring Pages

View our complete selection of FREE downloadable coloring pages here.

Discover the Chameleon effect for yourselves by grabbing your Chameleon products here!

All 50 Chameleon Color Tops

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