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    What to look for in the best markers for card making

    Homemade greeting cards are a great way to show your loved ones how much you really know them. They’re beautiful, creative and utterly unique. If you use the right tools, it can take your card design even further. Here are the best markers for card making.

    Markers are easy to use, very accessible and can create stunning results. What more could you want when you’re making a greeting card? Look out for these features in your marker pens:

    1. Broad color range
    2. Superior blending
    3. Vivid, fast drying, permanent ink

    greeting card example

    Image by Tracy McLennon

    Broad color range

    The wider the color range, the more creative possibilities you have access to. That’s why you should look to see if your markers have a broad color range. Chameleon Pens are particularly interesting in that area because although there are only 50 pens, you can create hundreds of different color tones.

    That’s because of the Mixing Chamber. This revolutionary feature allows you to access multiple color tones using just one pen.


    All you need to do is fuse the pen nib in the Mixing Chamber for a set amount of seconds (depending on how light or dark of a tone you want). Then, as you shade, the color will slowly change from a diluted tone back to its saturated self. You no longer need to invest in many shades of, say, bright red anymore. One Crimson Red (RD4) will create many different variations of that color.

    Superior blending

    As well as allowing you to create multiple tones with just one pen, Chameleon Pens also do the blending work for you. After you’ve fused the nib in the Mixing Chamber, simply start coloring and you can create seamless tonal blends. You no longer need to invest in multiple tones of one color and use a blending pen to erase any streaky edges.

    The speed at which the color transitions back depends on how long you fused the pen nib in the Mixing Chamber. But on the whole, Chameleon Pens take the blending work off you so you can focus on other things, like your card design.

    Chameleon Color Tops take things one step further by allowing you to easily create color to color blends. Simply remove your Chameleon Pen’s Mixing Chamber, fix a Color Top in its place and fuse for a few seconds. Then, you can create a seamless color to color blend like the one below.

    Blending Colors Chameleon

    Vivid, fast drying, permanent ink

    Fast drying, permanent ink means there’s little chance of you accidentally smudging your work and vivid colors mean your work stands out. That’s another great thing about Chameleon Pens - they’re alcohol-based so the ink dries very quickly and the colors are super intense. Combine that with the Mixing Chamber’s capabilities and you’ve got yourself a super pen.
    Take your coloring skills further with our ultimate Techniques Guide
    Coloring is fun and easy. Chameleon Pens make it even more so. But if you want to take your penmanship and artistic skills even further, check out our Techniques Guide. It covers everything you need to know to perfect your coloring skills - from different techniques to shortcut tips.

    Because we’ve been so busy launching our new website, the guide had to take a bit of a backseat so it’s not quite ready. But it’s very nearly there (tying up the loose ends now, we promise!) so make sure you’re the first to hear when it drops by signing up to our newsletter. In the meantime, go on and check out our blog. You never know what useful tips and tricks you might learn…


    Title image by Tracy McLennon

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