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Why Chameleon Pens are the best blending markers

By Chameleon Art Products
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After frantically searching the web, you've finally made it here and you have your answer. Chameleon Pens are the best blending markers available on the market today. We're not just saying it and expecting you to believe us right off the bat. We're that confident in these innovative markers and the results they can produce, that we're going to run you through what makes them so special and provide some brilliant videos of the markers in action so you know exactly what to expect.

You don't need to be a professional to get your hands on Chameleon's markers and while they might look like they've been crafted by the art Gods, it comes as a surprise as to how easy they are to use despite being so advanced. Reasons that set Chameleon's markers apart from the competition include:


The revolutionary Mixing Chamber

One of the most impressive aspects about Chameleon Pens is that they all feature a Mixing Chamber.

This is the revolutionary technology which infuses the colored nib with the Mixing Chamber Nib and dilutes your ink, allowing you to achieve beautiful blends, color gradations, shading, highlighting and 3D effects all with the same marker

While the innovative technology does make it sound like it's advanced, check out the video below and see for yourself just how easy it is to turn a fully-saturated color into a smooth color gradation.


By having this unique feature instilled in each Chameleon Pen, it gives you a lot more control over your work and the colors you want to use to blend as you're changing the actual color at the source. 

colorless toning chamber result


Multiple tones with fewer pens

Linking in with the previous point about the Mixing Chamber, another reason why Chameleon Pens remain ahead of the curve is because you get multiple tones with fewer pens.

The days of having half a dozen different pens for one color gradient are over. With Chameleon, there are over 50 pens in the range which between them can produce over 250 different color tones. For example, let's look at Royal Blue BL6 and see how many blues you can make from this one marker.

Time sheet showing color gradations created with different infuse times between the Chameleon Pen and Mixing Chamber

The image above shows just how versatile each color is. That means you need fewer pens to get amazing gradations by fusing one of the nibs on either side of the marker with the Mixing Chamber. 

For a more detailed look at how one Chameleon Pen lets you adjust the tone of the pen and create multiple color gradations and blends, check out the video below.


Refillable and replaceable nibs

There's nothing more annoying than desperately needing a color and finding out that you've run out of ink. It's even worse when you visit the store and find out that the one color you need isn't in stock and shipping could take two weeks to replace it.

That's not really an issue with a Chameleon Pen. We're not denying that ink can run out - it can. Heck, if we're 100% being honest (others might not be!), we designed the nibs to replaceable too. They're still professional-quality and can withstand prolonged use, but nothing lasts forever.

Still, that's one of the great features about Chameleon Pens that sets them apart from some other alcohol-based markers. With other brands, you're going to need a whole new pen or marker. With Chameleon Pens, you can simply replace the nibs so you're not having to unnecessarily stock up on pens.

With the ink, it's even better. There's always a risk that you might not be able to get your hands on the exact color you need. That's the beauty of the cap with the color indicator as you can get the exact color you need and refill before the ink runs out. Easy. 

Takes the same amount of time to create a masterpiece

We get it, you're probably questioning that because you need to infuse the nib with the Mixing Chamber to get the shade you want, it's going to take an age to complete your work.

That's not actually the case because it'll take the same amount of time to finish your work. What's better is that it'll be so much easier and less frustrating. Think about it: with other markers, you're going to need to find the exact shade of a color you need and continue swapping until you're finished. That can be an extremely tedious process because you're constantly searching for the correct shade and swapping pens. Plus, you might go wrong and use the incorrect shade. 

What makes a Chameleon Pen such a good option is that you need fewer pens to complete your work. There's no fiddling around with multiple variations as all you need to do is grab the markers you need and infuse when it's time to use a different shade. Plus, it dries much quicker than common watercolor pens thanks to the alcohol based ink.

If it's too light or too dark, simply infuse again for an appropriate time and go over the color again until you're happy.

View the video below which ends any worries that it takes longer to color with a Chameleon Pen. On the left side, the artist has used three Chameleon Pens and on the right side, the artist has used nine traditional pens to achieve the same tones and blends.



Professional-quality but still better value overall

When you take everything into account, it can seem like the innovative features will make Chameleon Pens an expensive option. Nope. Despite how advanced these markers are, they're still a much cheaper option than others currently on the market.

Why? Well, these markers help you save money in the long-run because you're buying one pen for multiple tones, instead of several pens in each tone. In addition, the pens are refillable and the inks are replaceable, so you can just replace these parts rather than buying a whole new pen or set. This, again, is a much more cost effective option. 

The overall cost to get the full color range and keep your tools topped up and ready to color is lower with Chameleon Pens than other professional-quality marker sets.

And, a note to any readers who have already invested in other professional-quality marker brands and might be put off by switching manufacturer: Chameleon Pens are purposely designed to complement other alcohol markers. Feel free to try them out and unlock a new range of colors in your work.


Interested in seeing what else you can do with Chameleon Pens?

Now that you know why Chameleon Pens are the best on the market, it's time to try them out for yourself.

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