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Why Chameleon Pens are ideal Manga pens

By Chameleon Art Products
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The best Manga masterpieces are the ones that are colored perfectly to appear realistic and portray deep emotion. There are many ways in which you can be creative in your Manga art, from the way you shade your character’s hair or even the intricacy of little features. Here’s what features the best pens for Manga art need to have.

  • Big tonal range
  • Ink that can be layered
  • Vivid, striking colors
  • Permanent, fast-drying ink



                                                                                                                                                                          Image by nashimanga

Big tonal range

With Manga, there’s no limit to how many colors you can utilize, different characters need to have different personalities so just go with whatever you feel like for each one and don’t hold back. You still want to choose some good, striking shades so the best pens should have a wide color range, this works really well for driving home those abnormal hair colorings.

Chameleon Pens have a unique advantage here because of the revolutionary Mixing Chamber. The Mixing Chamber allows you to fuse the pen nibs (Chameleon Pens are double-ended) for a few seconds and this temporarily dilutes the ink. As you shade, the original saturated color will return.

This means you don’t need to invest in hundreds of pens to access a wide tonal range as one Chameleon Pen gives you multiple tones. As well as this, you no longer need to constantly switch between pens. You only need to fuse the Chameleon Pen nib in the Mixing Chamber and shade to see a seamless tonal gradation - and this is with one pen.

Ink that can be layered

Sometimes, you may want to layer your pen ink to create new colors or overlays. Water-based markers aren’t ideal for this because they can tear the paper. However, alcohol-based markers can be layered. In particular, Chameleon Pens are great for creating overlays. 


Vivid, striking colors

Choosing a pen set that can produce bright colors can obviously help your Manga face instantly look more striking. Chameleon Pens produce vivid, high-quality ink. Plus, the pens are double-ended so you can use either the durable Bullet Nib (great for smaller areas) or Brush Nib (made to mimic a paintbrush so it’s great for delicate work). When these qualities are combined with the Mixing Chamber, your work is sure to look slick and professional.


Permanent, fast-drying ink

It’s awful when you’ve just colored in a section and you accidentally go and smudge it with your hand. It’s even worse when that smudge has spread to another section. That’s why you should look for pens that dry quickly and the ink is permanent so you can be sure it won’t budge once it’s on the page. 

Chameleon Pens are alcohol based markers so the ink is permanent and dries almost instantly. You don’t have to use the pens on paper or card either - you can even work on other materials, but be careful with materials like glass and plastic, as the ink could be carelessly scratched off.


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