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Why you should use professional coloring pens

By Chameleon Art Products
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It can be tempting to hit up your local dollar store and find a cheap coloring pen set because of the price. But the reality is: they’re not that great if you want professional-quality results. Your illustrations and artwork deserve to be shown off in all their glory and to do that, you’re going to need professional coloring pens. Here’s why you should be using them.

Don’t leave us just yet and go on the hunt for a professional coloring pen set. Hear us out. Professional coloring pens are more than likely going to be alcohol based because of their unique features compared to the school-grade water based pens in the supermarket stationary aisle. Things that set professional pens apart from the competition include:

They aren’t as prone to streaking and smudging

No, not that kind of streaking!

Alcohol based markers tend to dry much quicker than water pens. For example:

If you’re using a cheap, amateur pen, then the likelihood is you might accidentally smudge the ink across your work when working from section to section because the ink takes longer to dry. Then comes the tears of frustration after all of that hard work.

That’s why professional pens are a better alternative. If you do innocently brush your hands or fingers over illustrations you’ve already colored, you won’t be seeing any smudges or blemishes. That means you can carry on coloring as normal.


The overall quality is higher

There’s a reason professional-quality, alcohol pens are seen as the benchmark. They offer unique features and capabilities that you can’t get with a school-grade pen. Most importantly, professional pens are able to produce smoother, bolder colors that are much easier to blend to achieve more realism.

As is the case with cheaper alternatives, blending two dissimilar colors together can be downright tricky and look horrible. The coloring tends to be more streaky and you need multiple coloring pens to create desired blended effects that look appealing.

That’s not the case with professional options. Blending is simple - you don’t see the strokes while you’re coloring and colors are much more vibrant so you’re getting more realistic and professional results.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 06.15.36


The inks match from set to set

It doesn’t matter if you’re a professional artist or someone who does it as a hobby. Finding the exact inks and tones from one set to another is important. You might be halfway through a huge illustration and find out that you need more ink or that you need a replacement pen. Chances are, a cheaper alternative might not have the exact color you want, but they’ll have one they say is close enough.

But that doesn’t cut it.

Sticking with the companies who specialize in producing professional pens means you’re able to get the exact colors and inks you need without having to compromise. Chameleon Pens feature refillable ink chambers so when you run out of ink, you don’t need to buy a new pen. You just to buy the ink.

We're talking about quality control here. You can be sure your replacement ink is identical to the one that ran out. And of course, if you stick to the same brand, you can ensure your pen set's ink colors will always match. 


You can do more with fewer pens

Although this isn’t something you can achieve with just any professional pen, using Chameleon Pens has one huge benefit. Chameleon Pens allow you to experience the full benefits of using the best pens around - without having to collect hundreds or even thousands of pens each time you run out of ink.

That’s because of Chameleon’s innovative Mixing Chamber. This unique and revolutionary technology allows you to place the nib into the chamber and change the color right at the source. So, if you need 10 different shades of red, you won’t need 10 different pens. Instead, you only need to fuse the pen nib in the Mixing Chamber for a varying amount of seconds to get the range of tones you need.

The days of having over half a dozen different pens for one color gradient are over. With Chameleon, you only need 50 or so pens which between them can produce hundreds of different color tones.


They last longer

When you’re investing in a professional set of coloring pens, you obviously want some that are going to last and won’t continue needing to be replaced time and time again.

By using a set of professional pens more often, you’ll grow comfortable with the way they feel and how they fit in your hand. But wear and tear can take its toll and you’ll eventually have to replace your pens. If you invest in professional tools, you don’t need to do this as often as they’re designed to last much longer than ordinary coloring pens.

On top of this, Chameleon Pens have replaceable ink and nibs. This is much more cost effective than having to fork out for a whole new pen set.


Offer better value for money

Finally, this shows that professional coloring pens are better value for money in the long run. Cheap pens are cheap for a reason. They won’t last long and even though you’re thinking they’re cheap, once you continue to replace your cheap pens, the costs can begin to add up.

In reality, you could end up paying more by replacing cheaper pens than the upfront cost for an amazing set instead which are going to last longer, along with helping you achieve the best results possible.

When you take all of the above into consideration, it’s obvious that professional coloring pens are the way forward. They’re designed to produce the best quality possible, they don’t ruin your work and are a much better long-term investment than your everyday coloring pens.


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