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Below, you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most about our unique products.

The first thing you may want to know...

Answers to our most frequently asked questions are provided here.

Are the Chameleon Pens refillable and how do I know when to refill my pen?

Yes, you can buy ink and Toning Medium refills. It's time to refill when the color is no longer its full strength or when no Toning Medium comes out of the mixing chamber when you try to infuse. Refills come in 25ml bottles. Be sure to keep refills of the Toning Medium and your favorite colors on hand.

Are the Bullet and Brush Nibs replaceable and how often do I replace them?

Yes, they’re replaceable, inexpensive and easy to change. How often depends on whether you are gentle with the pens or apply a lot of pressure to the nibs. The Bullet Nib is very durable and will last a long time. However the Brush Nib is super soft so for longer life, it’s important to be light handed. While the nib goes through a natural breaking in process with some small loosening of fibers on the end, if the end of the nib becomes overly frayed or if the toning medium is not infusing evenly, then it's time to replace the nib.


How do I know exactly what color I am going to get?

Test on a scrap of the same paper you are using for your project. Some papers are more absorbent than others and not all white surfaces are the same.

Are they permanent

Yes, but like any paint or ink display, keep your completed work away from direct sunlight.

Are they acid-free?

Yes, when the ink is dry, Chameleon Pens are acid-free.

Do I need special paper?

No, but for best results, it is wise to use paper, cardstock or illustration boards designed for alcohol-based inks.

Can I use Chameleon Pens alongside other alcohol-based markers?

Absolutely, they are compatible with other brands.

How many colors are available?

The Super Set comes with 50 colors that cover a broad spectrum. Individual pens are available so you can buy colors one at a time! You can also buy pens in sets with 20 colors, packs of 5, or individually, to build your collection.

How should I store my markers?

We recommend your Chameleon Pens are stored horizontally (flat). This helps to distribute the ink evenly and stop any settling on either side. If you carry or store your Chameleon Pens vertically, we advise you lay them horizontally for a short time before using them.

What ink do I use for rubber stamping?

Solvent or alcohol ink are NOT compatible with alcohol based markers. For best results, use pgment based inks and allow ink to dry or heat set before coloring.

What sharpener works best with Chameleon Pencils?

Any sharpener should work with your Chameleon Pencils, however, for best results we would recommend using a sharpener designed for coloring pencils.

Can I use the Color Tops on their own?

No, you will need to have at least one Chameleon Pens in order for the Color Tops to work.

What surfaces can I use the Chameleon Pens on?

Chameleon pens are permanent on many different surfaces, including paper, cardboard, textiles, canvas, glass, ceramics, wood, plastic, stone, clay and there are many other surfaces that we have not yet tested. If you ever have questions about certain surfaces, please feel free to contact us.


Helpful tips to help you solve the problems yourself.

My pen nib is not getting lighter?

When infusing your Chameleon Pen, make sure that the cap is off and the nib of the marker is touching (infusing) with the Mixing Chamber nib.

Make sure you are holding the pen in a vertical position with the Mixing Chamber on top when infusing.

Wait roughly 15 seconds to start with and then try to color with this pen.

My color goes dark too fast

If the color goes back to its pure / darkest shade too fast, try infusing with it's Mixing Chamber for a longer period of time making sure you are holding the pen in a vertical position with the Mixing Chamber on top.

My blend looks streaky

If you are experiencing streaky blends there are a couple things we would recommend doing: Try holding your pen in a more vertical/upright position when you color, in order to not pick up any pure color from the base of the nib.

Try overlapping each stroke.

Experiencing any other issues?

Tried the above and still experiencing an issue? Feel free to contact us and we will happily look into this for you.

Struggling to find a solution to your issue?

Can't find your question? Feel free to contact us today. CONTACT US