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Inspirational Artist
Heading: Jodi

My name’s Jodi and I’m a cancer survivor and warrior. I gave up drawing after suffering nerve damage but I recently rekindled my love for art.


Why I stopped coloring

I suffered from nerve damage from a fall I had when I was in my mid 20s and had to have three surgeries. It was at that point that I stopped coloring as my hands would hurt and fall asleep when I drew. So...I just gave up.

Falling back in love with art

While visiting with my brother who was in Kindred Care, I met these fantastic ladies who I got to know well over the months. When my brother passed, I still went in to see them. I brought in lunch, beauty boxes and magazines. Then we started to do crafts.

Discovering Chameleon Pens

With the support of my friends in Kindred Care, I went into Hobby Lobby and bought a small pack of Chameleon markers along with a ton of other art supplies and started drawing.  The next day, I bought the large pack of Chameleon Pens. It's been a love affair ever since.