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The Communities' founding member

The man behind the pen, a genius inventor who couldn’t stop changing color.


Terry’s vision

Terry came to the founding fathers with a vision - he had worked out how to unlock all the colors hidden inside a pen. It was confusing at first, but the idea eventually clicked and this set in motion two years of development to create the very first Chameleon Pen. Put together by hand, it was prone to popping apart and the ink came out two different colours, but we still won an innovation award.

One demonstration is all it takes

Before every show, we’d discuss with Terry about how to demonstrate the pens. He always said the same thing: “Just show them a gradation from a single pen and it will blow their minds”. To this day, that’s what we’ve done - simply showing the magic of the product - and it’s always amazing to see people’s shocked reactions.

The magic product that continues to wow

In March 2014, Terry sadly passed away and this hit the team very hard. He’s still sorely missed and we’re lucky to be able to take his invention on in his memory.

This is why we’re so passionate about what we do. We want Terry’s dream to come true: Chameleon developing into the biggest art brand in the world.

Terry Bolton – May our efforts make you proud.