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Unique tools, unique results

Our patented family of art products is totally unique. Using our tools you can create depth, dimension, gradients, highlights, shading and shadows. In the past this would only have only been possible with an extensive range of art materials.

Chameleon Fineliners

Find out more about how our innovative products work.

Switch the cap

Hold you fineliner in a vertical position. Gently place a different color cap on top, clicking shut.

Blend colors

Keeping the fineliner in a vertical postion for desired blending time.

The nib changes color

Remove the pen from the cap.
To stack multiple colors, repeat steps 2 & 3.


Write, Draw, Doodle and Color Like No Other!

Chameleon Fineliners are perfect for artists, crafters, journalers, students and professionals.


Chameleon Pens

Find out more about how our innovative products work.


Attach Mixing Chamber

Hold the pen in a vertical position. Gently place the Mixing Chamber onto the nib so the two nibs touch.

Infuse Toning Medium

Keeping the pen in a vertical position, hold and fuse in the Mixing Chamber for as long as you need to.


The nib changes color

Remove the pen from the Mixing Chamber.

Create seamless color gradations

Color in a side-to-side motion, working from light to dark for a perfect seamless blend.

Chameleon Color Tops

Create seamless color to color blends by blending at the nib rather than on the page.


Attach the Color Top

Take the Mixing Chamber off your Chameleon Pen, making sure the cap is still firmly on. Then, pop the Color Top in its place.

Infuse the color

Hold the pen vertically so ink flows down into the nib. Infuse for as long as you want to.

The nib changes color

When you take the Color Top off, the tip of your Chameleon Pen nib will have changed to the Color Top ink’s color.


Create Color to Color Blends

Color in a side-to-side motion, working from color to color for a perfect seamless blend.
Chameleon Color Tops

Chameleon Pencils

Color pencils with two perfectly matched colors that you can just flip over to blend.


Change the color tone with pressure

You can easily get different color tones by changing the pressure you place on the pencil tip when shading.


Flip pencil to blend colors

Chameleon Pencils come with two complementary colors that are designed to blend perfectly together. Just flip to blend.


Create blends using the specially matched colors

Easily blend between colors by flipping the pencil over. One pencil can give you multiple tones so you can add beautiful depth in your artwork.

Layer intense colors creating even more shades

We’ve taken the guesswork out of matching colors so you can spend more time creating buttery smooth blends.

Chameleon Pencils

Products in use

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Artists in action

A few of the talented artists who have taken our products out for a spin.

Artist in action


Cathy Andronicou

A crafter of 13 years, Cathy’s worked with design teams for well-known craft companies and has had work published in international magazines.

Artist in action


Sonia Leong

Award-winning and freelance illustrator Sonia has been published over 80 times across magazines, graphic novels, art books and media projects.

Artist in action


Candela Pajaro

Meet Candela, Chameleon’s featured tattoo artist. All the way from Spain Candela has blown Chameleon away with her neo-traditional designs.

Artist in action


Reiq Reinaldo Quintero

Venezuelan artist Reiq graduated in Graphic Design and since then has had his art reviewed in magazines and art communities.